May 2, 2012

As I finish yet another re-run of probably one of the series ever to be made, here is my collection of some of the best moments throughout the entire 6 seasons, in no particular order. Tried to whittle them down to 10 but eventually ended up with 13 as I couldn’t get myself to remove some of them from my list. Some of them are one off moments and some are a continuation of a story line but this is my blog, my list, my rules ……..

1.       Sawyer & Jack Fight – Season 5

This was a fight that had been coming ever since they all landed on the island. Jack & sawyer usually never saw eye to eye & were always of a different opinion on how to get things done. Both of them were lusting after Kate. One was a con-man, a nobody in the real world whereas one was a reputable spinal surgeon. Things finally kicked off in season 4 when Jack returned to the island a broken man, looking for his destiny & his purpose on the island. Looking to set off the hydrogen bomb to reset the events that led to the crash of Oceanic 815 he clashes with sawyer who is of the opinion “ What’s done is done “

2.       OMG it’s a flash forward

To say that my head was messed up whilst watching the season finale would be a bit of a understatement, I mean I was like WTF is going on ?? Being so used to watching a flashback, the concept of a flash forward was a complete curveball. Anyone who suggests that they saw this coming is just blowing smoke up their own arse. Like most things in Lost once you found out something, 10 more questions are raised, like who else got of the island, when & how, why are they lying about it & who the hell is Jeremy Benthem !!!

3.      Desmond & Penny phonecall

The Constant episode will no doubt in my opinion go down as one of the best 42 mins in the history of television. When I first watched the Constant, I found it that good that I had to watch the entire episode twice again straightaway. Their relationship is a bit of a greek tragedy but there is something hoplessly romantic about the whole storyline of Desmond & Penny. Their break up is hard to digest & the fact that they don’t see each other for 8 years is painful to watch. But as Penelope says “All we need to survive is the one person who truly love us & you’ll always that one special person Desmond “. It was a relief not to have Desmond turn out as Jeremy Benthem. For me Jack, Sawyer & Kate could die but in the end Desmond & Penny should always be together.

4.      Sawyer & Juliet remember

My second favourite couple in Lost – Suliet. There was something weird but right about Sawyer hooking up with Juliet. I was glad that Sawyer ends up with Juliet instead of Kate. An unlikely couple as they were, she made an honest man out of Sawyer. Her death in season 5 was one of the most painful deaths in all the seasons of Lost. It wasn’t because she died but because Sawyers grief knocks me out. I love the fact that he calls Juliet “blondie” too

5.       Locke was in a wheelchair

It’s hard to pick a favourite season but the writing in season 1 will remain special. One had never seen anything like this before. The whole revelation that prior to the crash Locke was in wheelchair for crying out loud was just the beginning of how my mind would continue to be messed up watching Lost.  Here was a man out hunting for wild boar, carrying a set of knives, wanting to go on a walkabout. One thing is revealed to the viewers only for more questions to arise – how did he end up in a wheelchair & more importantly how the hell does he start walking as soon as crashing on the island ??

6.       Ben gets his daughter killed

Ben Linus a man who devoted his entire life in service to the island. Up until the final episode of season 6 one could never be sure if he was one of the good guys or the bad ones? He even sacrificed his own daughter in season 4 to protect the island by not surrendering himself to Kimi. For me it remains one of the most chilling & cold moments throughout the entire series. The way he says that she means nothing to him & that she is just a pawn to him just before Kimi shoots her was just OMG he didn’t just let his own daughter die for the sake of the island !!!

7.       The beatings of Ben Linus

From the very first moment that we are introduced to his character who is manipulative & is constantly getting whacked up by someone. At times I think he deserves the shit that he gets. I mean has there ever been a character who has been beaten up so much in the history of television and still managed to end the series alive ???

8.       Jacob & the MIB intro scene

We finally got our first glimpse of Jacob in the finale of season 5 & what an intro it was  !! Along with the MIB we finally get a sense of what the bigger picture in Lost was – 2 sides, one is light & one is dark.

9.       Sawyer gets a beating in the cage

To getba beating in front of the woman you love & being helpless to fight back, is the situation sawyer found himself in s3. What made this scene have such an emotional impact was the fact that Pickett was asking Kate if she loved this man, as he had just lost someone he loved dearly.

10.   Sawyer being tortured – Season 1

The first sense that the characters we see on the island aren’t what they are, they aren’t perfect, they have a past which isn’t exactly whiter than white, they are flawed as people. Sawyer being sawyer wouldn’t just tell Jack & Sayed that he doesn’t have the medicine that Sharon needs. Instead he let’s them torture him,all for a passionate kiss from Kate – Son of a Bitch !!!

11.   WTF is inside the hatch ???

What was inside that god damn hatch !!! The bane of my existence back in season 1, it’s a good thing I had it on catch service instead of having to wait week in week out just to get a little closer to finding out what was inside the hatch. Watching the finale of season 1 I shouted at the tele, ” you cannot end the season there, I need to know what’s inside that hatch ” Locke thought that it was his destiny to open the hatch& boone was a sacrifice that the island demanded. n as i finish another re run of lost, watching season 1 the question still burns WTF is inside that hatch

12.   Jack vs Locke – Man of science vs Man of faith

These two gave probably some of the most iconic one liners throughout the series. Two side of the same coin they often didn’t see eye to eye at times. Jack was usually more methodical in his approach whereas Locke was a believer in destiny and fate

13.   Sawyer & his nicknames

In his own words just because he failed  8th grade don’t make him an idiot. Sawyer maybe from the south but is someone who loves reading & is clearly very well read. His ability to pull references out at random never fails to amaze the viewer. It’s just too hard to pick out a favorite sawyer nickname.  It would be just too hard to pick out a favourite sawyer nickname.